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Vegan recipe - Pancakes for breakfast anyone?

This morning I realized that I had not yet shared my recipe for my vegan pancakes !They have a delicious fluffy texture. I didn't take many photos, so I'll just have to make more and update my post later! :-) This is a really quick recipe, you don't have to leave the mixture to set. You can easily whip them up for breakfast, a snack, last minute dessert or a midnight snack. Only joking, but you could if you wanted to.The recipe will make 8 pancakes. So ideal for two or three people, depending on how hungry each of you are! :-)

A great recipe for those who are lactose intolerant like my Honey. I used vanilla flavored soya milk, but you can test the recipe with other plant-based milk. The last time I made these with my daughter, we used almond milk, they were delicious too.
Those of you who already follow me on Instagram, know that I love indulging myself with a special breakfast.I rarely take dessert during the day, more because I don't feel the need for one than just try…

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